Sandipani Vidyamandir
CBSE NO. 230109
AFFILIATION UP TO 31st March 2025
Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir Sandipani Vidyamandir

Achievements of S.V.M.



1) Classes of Nursery, K.G. are formally started from 2nd January every year, with play way method of teaching with E.P.L and sensorial Classes, under the guidance of experienced and well trained teachers.

2) Medical Health Chek-up is organized regularly for the students once a year.

3) Students are occasionally regularly taken away on educational tour to various places of importance under the guidance of teachers of the school.

4) Annual sports, rhymes competition, Art competition and Go as you like competition are held and prizes are given to students showing excellence. To recognize the talent, students are awarded for their various achievement in scholastic and non scholastic areas on Annual Day held each year on 14th November.

5) One of the most outstanding features is that it is the pioneer in introducing the Next Tech Smart Class which has created taken its own position in the modern educational field. Classrooms are converted into technology-enabled smart class rooms equipped with interactive Digiboard systems/smart class rolling digiboard system with a PC connected to a dedicated smart class knowledge centre. A powerful smart class application engine allows teachers to view and map relevant digital content for classroom sessions as per their time table and syllabus.

a) The classrooms and platground are supervised with CCTV cameras.
b) 100% results board.
c)2nd best in District Parade on 15th August 2017.
3rd best in District Parade in 26th January 2018.
d) School team won 3rd prize in cluster meet table tennis.
e) 1st prize in National Level painting by PCRA.
f) 1st prize in National Level Essay competition by CBSE Expression series.
g) 1st and 2nd prize in Science model display competition (Blockwise).
h) Gold Medal in individual Kata 2017, Mumbai J.K.A. National champion.

i) (1) Bronze in Kurogi State Level 2017 (Tinsukia).
(2) Bronze in Kurogi State Level 2017 (Golaghat).
(3) Silver in Kurogi State Level 2017 (Bokakhat).
(4) Bronze in Kurogi State Level 2017 (Bokakhat).
(5) Silver Medal in Kurogi, Gold Medal in Kata, 29th National Level 2017 (Tezpur).

(j) (1) Gold Medal in Fighting State Level 2017 (Guwahati).
(2) Bronze Medal in Fighting State Level 2017 (Guwahati).

(k) Gold in Fighting 2nd Vovinam in 2017 state Level.
(l) Silver in Fighting 2nd Vovinam in 2017 state Level.

Celebrations & Festivals

Bihu, Environment Day, Independence Day, Tithi of Sankardev & Madhab Dev, Childrens Day, School Annual Day, Establishment Day, Silpi Divas, Youth Day, Students Day, Lachit Divas, International Yoga Day, Women's Day, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika's Anniversaries and Saraswati Puja.

Contact Us

Sandipani Vidyamandir
Office No.03672-225745


Sandipani Vidyamandir, Nagaon establishment in 2003, started functioning in the temporary accommodation at Amolapatty on monthly rent basis. Now the school is in its own building constructed on its own plot of land, In a beautiful natural and away from the noise pollution of the town that facilitate a peaceful learning environment.

Sports and Games

Due importance is being given for the promotion of sports and games in the Vidyamandir which have been a must for physical as well as mental growth of students. Playground for conducting cricket, badminton and athletic meets is available. Games are conducted on regular basis


Excellence and perfection are the keywords in our mind, when we develop the infrastructure. accordingly, S.V.M. has been trying to provide the infrastructure for suitable ambiance to children for their all-round developments, up to the satisfaction of all class of concerning people.


To ensure discipline among the students, moral teachings in the forms of various activities have been undertaken. School uniform, punctuality, attending morning assembly, yoga classes, physical training and many more in a sequential way are supervised, in order to develop belongings and leadership quality among students.

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